Capital: € 1 million
Age: 27
Born: 11/20/1992
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Rapper / singer
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Juju is a German rapper and singer from Berlin who has become known since 2014 as part of the duo SXTN and then as a solo artist. She has released several number one singles and was named “Best German Artist” at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2019.

Early life

Juju was born on November 20 as Judith Wessendorf in Berlin. Her mother is German, the father Moroccan, but was hardly present in her childhood. She grew up in the Berlin district of Neukölln, which is known for its great cultural diversity and is often perceived as a social focus. Juju herself only hints at her growing up, but speaks in interviews of “catastrophic” circumstances and experiences with domestic violence. After unsuccessfully turning to the youth welfare office, she moved to friends at the age of 16. She dropped out of high school and graduated from high school. Musically, she was influenced early on by rappers such as Bushido, Savas, Sido, but also Eminem and began rapping privately at the age of 14.


Acquaintances from her environment quickly noticed her talent and produced the first tracks with her. At first she was the only woman in her musical environment and had to learn to gain respect on her own. When they first met the singer and rapper Nura, the two got on so well straight away that they founded the duo SXTN in 2014. The first single “Your Mother” was released in 2015, the following year the EP “Asocialization Program”, which brought the duo nationwide attention. SXTN reached its highest chart position (81) in 2017 with the single “From Party to Party”, which reached gold status. Cooperations with well-known acts such as arrest warrant and gynecologist made the rappers even more popular in the rap scene. Through major festival appearances and appearances on public radio, SXTN also became known to a mainstream audience. From 2018, both Juju and Nura then worked increasingly on solo projects, in 2019 the duo officially separated. Juju’s solo career picked up even more momentum. The single “Melodien”, which she recorded with Capital Bra, reached number one on the single charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2018. With AnnenMayKantereit singer Henning May, she released the single “Missing” in 2019, which also made it to the top of the charts and reached platinum status. To crown the successful year, she was awarded “Best German Artist” at the MTV Europe Music Awards and received the 1-Live crown for “Best Artist” and “Best Single” for “Missing”.

Career highlights

2017: two top 100 singles with SXTN (“bong room”, “from party to party”
2018: 8th place on the German album charts with the SXTN debut album “Leben am Limit”
2018: “From party to party” reaches gold status
2018: First number one of the single charts with “melodies”
2019: “Missing” reaches platinum status
2019: Awarded “Best German Artist” at the MTV Europe Music Awards

Famous quotes

“I haven’t been to school that often, but rapping is easy for me
Pressing a few words into time is easier for me than eating
You watch me doing it and you think: ‘This whore is much better than me’
I’m Juju44, Digga, remember my name! ”

“I’m too suff, I’m not allowed to do an Insta story, but I do it
The next day to delete hangovers is my specialty ”

“I want to focus on my own music now. I finally found a nice studio and started my album. I celebrate everything that Nura has cut so far and wish her to continue to be successful and to do her thing! ”

Amazing facts

The achievement of being able to assert oneself as a woman in the German rap scene is in itself to be classified as high. Her special status also shows that the last solo artist of her age to be number one was Sabrina Setlur in 1997.


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