Capital: € 5 million
Age: 31
Born: 11/29/1988
Country of origin: Sulaimaniyya, Iraq
Source of wealth: Rapper, entrepreneur
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

Kurdo, or Kurdo Jalal Omar Abdel Kader, is an Iraqi rapper with a Kurdish background, but mostly raps in German. Since 2011 Kurdo has made a name for himself step by step in the German music scene. In the meantime, Heidelberg has become an integral part of German rap and is also taking its first steps as an entrepreneur away from music.

Early life

Kurdo Jalal Omar Abdel Kader was born in Iraq and also spent the first years of his life there before he fled with his family in the 1990s at the age of eight before the Saddam Hussein regime and found his new home in Heidelberg. Kurdo then spent the first year with his family in a refugee accommodation in central Heidelberg before the family was able to move into an apartment on the outskirts of Heidelberg in the Emmertsgrund district. The Emmertsgrund, known for a high proportion of migration and not always easy conditions, has remained a very special role for Kurdo to this day. In his childhood, the family had little money due to state support, so Kurdo dealt with early on how to make money and support the family. So he took on various part-time jobs and, like the rapper, also tried himself as a dealer in anabolic steroids.

However, he opted for the legal path and remained true to his passion, rap. In 2011 he finally started to publish videos on Youtube, which quickly enjoyed success and also caught the rapper’s brother’s warrant, who then introduced Kurdo to the warrant and thus significantly accelerated his career.


Kurdo’s career corresponds to the cliché of the “american dream – from dishwasher to millionaire”. Comed to Germany as a refugee and today celebrated and excellent rapper with millions in his bank account. However, the way up was anything but easy. Only a lot of perseverance and a little luck made this amazing career possible. After the first contract with the label of arrest warrant and minor successes, the separation soon followed again. Nevertheless, Kurdo did not get discouraged, looked for a new label and continued to work hard on his success. After several collaborations with other rappers, he then released his debut album “Slum Dog Millionär” in 2014 and placed himself on the top charts everywhere in German-speaking countries. Just over a year later, the second album “Almaz” followed on the newly founded label of the same name. His third album “Criminals from the Desert” even made it to number two on the charts in Germany. the single “Ya Salam” sold more than 200,000 copies. In addition to music, Kurdo also builds up other pillars. He now owns a sisha bar and a restaurant in Heidelberg and sells his own tobacco under the name “Almaz”.

Highlights of his career

2014: first album “Slum Dog Millionär” released
2015: second album “Almaz” released
2016: third album “Criminals from the Desert appears”
2017: “Gold” for more than 200,000 units of “Ya Salam” sold

Famous quotes

“If we do street rap, Autotune has lost little.”

“Mom always said: Do something as a job with the ballpoint pen. And I thought: Boah, me with a briefcase. ”

“If I can afford something, I’ll do it too. But I don’t force myself luxury. ”

The quotations make it clear that Kurdo has remained a down-to-earth star. He has not forgotten his roots, which alone makes his artist name clear. Kurdo wants to be a role model for others with a similar fate. Everyone can do it if they stay true to themselves and work hard on themselves and success.

Amazing facts

Kurdo still has a very close relationship to his home in Heidelberg in the Emmertsgrund district. This district, often referred to as the focal point, was the center of his life as a child. His parents still live there and he can also often be found there. Some of his music videos were also shot there.

Kurdo now operates the “Almaz tasty” restaurant and the “Al Hayat” shisha bar in downtown Heidelberg.

Kurdo has worked with the singer Ardian Bujupi several times, along with many other artists. Not without reason – Bujupi also comes from Heidelberg’s Emmertsgrund.


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