Capital: € 2 million
Age: 25th
Born: 01/01/1995
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Rapper, web video producer
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

Lili Lano is a German rapper and web video producer. His breakthrough came in 2018 with the song Falschen Supreme. Lil Lano is very active on social media and regularly publishes videos with very high clicks. He also has a blog that is currently followed by around 400,000 people.

Early life

Lili Lano’s real name is Alec Valestra and is a German rapper and web video producer. Lil Lano was born in Germany, saying that he has Italian roots. His Italian roots go back to his family, which is generated from Italian guest workers. According to his statements, Lil Lano’s parents run a cheese factory in Italy.


At the beginning of 2016, Lili Lano still registered on YouTube Ende under his real name Valestra. His name there was initially his first name Alec. Only later did he rename his Youtube channel Lil Lano. In addition to video blogs, there has also been regular music on his channel since 2017. His first mixtape with the name NudeTape appeared in January 2018. The rapper celebrated his greatest success to date with his track Stone Island, which appeared on his channel in October 2018 and has had more than 7.5 million clicks there so far. In August 2018, a music video for Broccoli + Codeine 2.0 was released. It even achieved a million clicks within a week. In June 2018, Lil Lano appeared on High from Hustensaft Jüngling and Money Boy as Featuring.

Together with King Khalil, Lil Lano released the song “Para Illegal” in December 2018. With this song, he was able to find significantly more appeal in the German rap scene. King Khalil explicitly mentions his colorful braids as positive in the song. Also together with King Khalil the rapper Lil Lano released the song “G-Class” and became more and more popular. The two rappers released the album “BTK” by King Khalil on February 1, 2019. Lil Lano is also part of the song “KUKU EP”.

Lil Lano has signed a multi-million dollar contract with Universal Music Germany. The rapper also works with the Virgin Group label. [3]

Career highlights

Working with King Khalil, Lil Lano became known to an audience of millions. This also gave his social channels a big boost, so that the rapper can look forward to an infinite number of clicks today. With the track Stone Island, Lil Lano celebrated his greatest success so far, when the song was released on his channel, he had more than 7.5 million clicks there since then. Lil Lano has released several dozen songs since 2018.

Famous quotes

Everyone wants pictures and comes to my show
Look at Tinder, I’ll match your height
Buy me designer, I bet you’re broke
No one is like me, I rap to death.

All my brothers, they deserve full bags
My bitches smoke weed or nibble
I’m never clean, do my chunks on lean.

Shoutout to my team because we do
All my brothers, they deserve full bags
My bitches smoke weed or nibble
I’m never clean, do my chunks on lean.

A small car hangs around my neck
Jewelry is like Langnese, I look flex with the ice cream
Ask why Hoes never have time for you
Everyone is with me because I have the likes.

Amazing facts

According to the media, Lil Lano is a person who likes to show off very conspicuously. His videos are said to be purely shittalking. His critics also say that his lyrics are weak and the sound image is exhausted.

At the beginning of his career as a rapper, Lil Lano repeatedly published videos without tangible content, which his critics even dismissed as crap. It was only with the song Wendy that the musician first gained attention outside of YouTube.

Lil Lano is known for the fact that he likes to stage and conspicuously stage himself. His striking facial tattoo is guaranteed to contribute to this.

To avoid any complaints, Lil Lano annotates all of his publications on YouTube. This video is an art project.


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