Almost one of the favorites from the show would have stumbled there. Luca Hänni suffered a painful foot injury on Friday’s dance show Let’s Dance. At Contemporary with dance partner Christina Luft, Luca was angry. His fans are now worried whether the singer has to get out early because of the injury.

That hurt! “Let’s Dance” candidate Luca Hänni injured his foot during the show last Friday during his performance.

Luca Hänni is thrilling again this week on “Let’s Dance”! It is not for nothing that Luca, together with dancer Christina Luft, are among the favorites to win the dance show. Last Friday he also managed to convince dance partner Christina Luft of emotional contemporary. But during the dance Luca suddenly buckled and suffered a painful injury to the foot, which also had to be examined by a doctor behind the scenes.

After the performance, both the jury and the moderators Lucas limped walk noticed. “Did you hurt yourself on the foot?” Asked moderator Daniel Hartwich. “A little … All is well. That was when I was whirling around, ”Luca admitted openly. But Daniel Hartwich didn’t want to take any chances and sent him to the doctor. “Please go to Dr. Volker that he can look at your foot. So that you are fit for the dance duel afterwards. ”The all-clear was given shortly afterwards. Lucas’ injury was painful, but it did not mean the end of his participation. In the subsequent dance duel against Moritz Hans, Luca was even able to collect 30 more points. Training for the next show on Friday is already in full swing again and Luca still has the opportunity to win this year’s “Let’s Dance” season.



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