Capital: € 2 million
Age: 52
Born: 07.08.1967
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Singer, music producer
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

Lucas Cordalis, made famous by the Schlager bard and father Costa Cordalis, works as a singer and music producer in Mallorca.

Early life

Lucas Cordalis was born in August 1967 to a Greek singer and his wife Ingrid in Frankfurt aM. Even as a child, he actively participated as a choir singer in his father’s productions. At the age of four he made his first public appearance alongside his father and from then on sang regularly in Papa’s choir. He is also very active in the popular song Anita.

In 1997 Cordalis started a romance with the singer Jasmin Wagner (“Blümchen”). The separation followed after four years. In February 2014, the course was set for unprecedented publicity, which is expected to continue to this day. After a liaison with cult blonde Daniela Katzenberger, he quickly gets together with her. Their child, daughter Sophia, was born in 2015. The two only married in Bonn in June 2016. The wedding was considered a pompous dream wedding. Katzenberger, which has now become extremely famous, broadcast the wedding as a reality show and even broadcast it live on television. Since 2014 Cordalis has repeatedly participated in numerous game shows on German television and even won the final when the star struck.

The property of Cordalis increased from year to year, exact details are not known. It will probably be a few million, especially since his late father will surely have left him with some money.


Lucas Cordalis hardly appeared as a name until the 1990s. Until then, he had been involved in his father’s numerous productions. Nevertheless, the audience did not notice him as an independent artist.

His independent musical career began in 1997 with the song “Viva la noche” accompanied by his famous father and sister Angeliki Cordalis. The song became a hit. He could often be heard on the radio and in discos. Bad tongues claimed at the time that the famous father tried to smuggle his son into the public media business. Surely both sides will have benefited from each other, because the father did not get younger either.

Numerous live performances followed for the Trio Cordalis. They were invited to many television shows and from then on they were constantly seen in German-speaking countries. The sister soon decoupled and so father and son were welcome guests as a duo in the ZDF television garden, in the MDR riverboat and on the ARD program “Always Again Sundays”. The two artists also appeared more frequently on “Understand Fun” on ARD and on the ZDF hit parade.

Lucas only appeared as a soloist from time to time.

In 2002 the Cordalis son moved to the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca. Here he founded his record label Supersonic Entertainment Mallorca. He immediately set up his own sound study. Since moving to Spain, he was the first composer and producer.

Career highlights

His father’s highlights were his until the turn of the millennium. The successes of his father radiated to him and led to today’s music producer existence, which takes place more in the background than in public. So far, over ten million of his recordings have been sold. His participation is distributed in the form of compositions, texts or CD productions.

He was given several platinum and gold awards. In addition to artists such as David Hasselhoff or DJ Bobo, he also worked with others as a producer and remixer, always in his own studio. With “Baby Come Back” he composed a super hit for the group Worlds Apart, with which they got into the top ten in 15 countries. In France alone, the song sold more than two million copies.

In the RTL show “I am a star – get me out of here!” his father was crowned king of the jungle. Lucas Cordalis produced the corresponding single “Jungle King”. He was in the German top ten single charts for eight weeks.

Cordali’s father died in July 2019 after a serious illness. You certainly don’t have to worry about Lucas. His wealth, together with his younger wife’s merits, should be sufficient to lead a carefree life.

Famous quotes

Because Cordalis Junior was in the shade for years, Quotes from Cordalis are not known in the media.

Amazing facts

After winning the Schlag-den-Raab game, Lucas Cordalis took home 100,000 euros. His wife Daniela Katzenberger was probably more than happy about winning the tough head-to-head duel. Lucas promised her that part of the victory bonus would be used for the honeymoon. He wanted to drive her to a wellness hotel in the Black Forest. It is not known whether they were both there.

In the case of a slightly lower bonus, he did not consider an individual, but the child cancer aid. While effective in the media, he donated his total income of 28,000 euros to the organization when he left the television program in 2004 as the first “Jungle King”.

Conclusion: With the hit “Anita”, the hit star started as a child in the 1970s. Today he lives and works in Mallorca and has blossomed out of his father’s shadow into a producer and composer.


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