Capital: € 550 million
Age: 61
Born: 08/16/1958
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of wealth: Singer, actress, entrepreneur
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Madonna, born under the real name Madonna Louise Ciccone, is one of the most successful singers in the world. The “Queen of Pop” is an absolute success woman and has already proven her talents as a singer, songwriter, actress, director, producer, designer and author. In the course of her career, she broke several records and won countless awards. Madonna lives with her 6 children, including 4 adoptive children from Malawi. Madonna owns numerous properties, but her main residences are in New York and, since 2017, also in Lisbon.

Early life

Madonna grew up as a child of an auto mechanic and an X-ray assistant in Pontiac, Michigan. Her father had Italian roots, her mother was French Canadian. Madonna has five siblings and two half siblings. Her mother died of breast cancer when she was five years old.

Madonna was taught at a Catholic school. Even at school, she enjoyed theater performances and cheerleading. She was a very good student. When she was young she took piano and dance lessons. Her dance teacher Christopher Flynn recognized her talent and promoted her. During visits to theaters as well as gay discos, Madonna got to know Stephen Bay, with whom she would later produce some of her greatest hits.

It was Flynn who encouraged her to go to New York and try her luck. After high school, she dropped out of dance training at the University of Michigan and, with only $ 30 in her pocket, moved to the big world, or to big New York. There she initially kept herself afloat with odd jobs, nude photos and soft porn scenes. She has already composed and written her own songs and took every opportunity to make connections to the music industry. After a while she reached the head of the Sire Records label. He was enthusiastic about her demo tapes and gave the starting shot for her career. Together with her then friend, Mark Kamins, she produced the single Everybody, which sold 250,000 copies straight away.


After that there was no stopping and an unknown singer quickly became the “Queen of Pop” and a living legend. Her debut album Madonna sold 16 million copies. Her next single, Like a Virgin, is still on the radio today. At that time, the song caused a great stir. Madonna performed the song in a wedding dress at the MTV Video Music Awards and thus attracted numerous critics. Since then, Madonna has been known for her provocative demeanor. The album True Blue, released in 1986, reached number one in 28 countries and was sold 25 million times.

In 1989 the album Like a Virgin was released. Madonna caused another sensation in the video for the single of the same name. She used ecclesiastical symbols and combined them with sexual acts and eroticism. So she had drawn the displeasure of the Catholic Church. Justify my Love was also an extremely provocative and suggestive video at the time. Madonna’s scandals, however, were calculated precisely in this regard. She always had the power to make decisions about her image and appearances and knew exactly what she was doing. In the late nineties, she founded the record label Maverick.

In the 1990s the album Erotica was released, which again addressed very provocative topics. Appropriately, she published the illustrated book SEX, which contained sexual topics and educational texts. This was an absolute sales success in the USA. This was followed by the albums, Bedtime Stories in 1994, Ray of Lights in 1998, Music in 2000, American Life in 2003 and Confessions on a Dance Floor, and Hard Candy in 2008.

Ray of Lights alone sold 26 million units. The more recent albums MDNA from 2012, Rebel Heart from 2015 and Madame X from 2019 could not repeat these successes. However, some singles were very successful and placed on the chart.

Madonna earns the most, besides her album sales, but on her tours. And these are legendary. The pop icon knows how to entertain their audience with a brilliant stage show like no other. Madonna tours are regularly sold out.

But Madonna was not only able to prove herself as a singer. She also appeared as an actress in the films “Susan… Desperately Wanted”, “Dick Tracy”, “A Class of Its Own” and “Body of Evidence”. Her biggest acting success, which also brought her a Golden Globe, was her role as Evita Peron in the musical film “Evita”.

Career highlights

Madonna’s career is characterized by numerous superlatives. She has sold between 300-350 million records, is considered the most commercially successful singer in the world and is ranked number two on the American billboard charts as the most successful solo artist of all time. She is one of the most influential singers of all time and one of the most important representatives of pop music.

Her album The Immaculate Collection is the world’s best-selling Geratest Hits album by a solo artist. She broke numerous other records with her albums and received numerous awards, including many Billboard Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and Golden Globes.

Madonna is considered the richest woman in the music business and one of the most powerful women of the last century.

Famous quotes

“I prefer young men. They don’t know what they’re doing. But they do it all night. ”

“It’s a waste of time doing something mediocre.”

“Money is power and the only one you can rely on.”

Amazing facts

Madonna has an IQ of 140. She was in full control of her image and appearances at all times of her career.

Madonna has 6 children, 4 of them are Malawi orphans. She acquired a residence in Portugal in 2017.

Madonna has been on a world tour 7 times.


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