Capital: € 3 million
Age: 36
Born: 11/01/1984
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

Mark Cwiertnia, better known by his stage name Mark Forster, is a German singer and songwriter. He lives in Berlin and is also known from TV shows such as “Sing my song – the exchange concert” and “The Voice of Germany”. It is not known whether Mark Forster is in a relationship.

Early life

Mark Cwiertnia grew up as the son of a Polish mother and a German father. He has a little sister named Natalie, to whom he dedicated the song Natalie in 2016. The family lived in Winnweiler, in the Palatinate. After graduating from high school, Forster began studying law in Mainz, but broke it off after four semesters and switched to business studies. He successfully completed his studies.

However, his dream was to make music and to be successful with his music. After walking the Jakobsweg in a phase of discovery, he moved to Berlin and decided to devote himself entirely to music and his career.

First, he wrote jingles for television. Among them was the theme music for the show “Krömer- The international show”. Kurt Krömer signed the talented musician in 2007 and let him appear as a sidekick on his show. The collaboration with Krömer lasted until 2010.

Mark Forster, formerly known as Marek Cwiertnia, had his rehearsal room next door to the famous band Seeed and the singer Peter Fox. There you quickly became aware of him and so his career began. The producers of the Four Musik label signed him on.


After he was signed on the big label Four Musik, the big breakthrough was not long in coming. The album Karton was released in 2012. The first single release “On the way” and the second single “To you (far away)” were not successful hits. It was only working with the German rapper Sido that gave his career a boost. In “One of these stones” he sang the chorus, the song reached the top ten in the German charts. For this, the rapper Sido retaliated with his participation in Forster’s first charter hit “Au revoir”, from his second album “Bauch und Kopf”. This was published in 2014.

For this song alone, Mark Forster received three gold records. The album was able to chart at number 18. His success story continued with the single “Flash mich” from the same album. Since 2015 he has been a juror on the TV show “the Voice of Kids”.

The song “Bauch und Kopf”, released in 2015 from the album of the same name, was another success with which he was able to get first place for his home state of the Rhineland-Palatinate at the Federal Vision Song Contest. The collaboration with DJ Felix Jaehn also took place in the same year and produced the song “Voice”.

Before the release of the third album “Tape” the song “Wir sind gro” was released in April 2016. This song was played on the ZDF broadcasts of the European Football Championship in France and helped Mark Forster to become even more famous. He was also a musician for film music, the song choirs became part of the film music of the film “Willkommen bei den Hartmanns”.

Further single releases of “Tape” followed and in 2016 Mark Forster was the most successful German musician in the German charts. With “Sowieso” and “Kogong” four more songs from the album landed very successfully in the German charts.

In 2017 Mark Forster took part in the television show “Sing mein Song- das Tauschkonzert”. Since the end of 2017 he has also been part of the jury for “The Voice of Germany”.

In 2018 he even took on the role of host at Sing my song.

Also in 2018, the hard-working musician released his fourth studio album “Liebe”. “Once” was the first single release.

Career highlights

Mark Forster was able to win numerous prizes at the age of 35. Among other things, he won the Bambi 2018 in the category “National Music”. Also in 2018 he won Echo Pop in the category “Artist Pop national”. But already at the beginning of his career, in 2015, he was awarded the German music author prize for the most successful work (Au revoir). In 2017 and 2018, among other things, he was able to secure the 1-live crown as Best Artist.

Famous quotes

“We can write the book ourselves – there are enough free pages.”

“Ey, life is change”

“No matter what comes, it will be fine, anyway
A new door always opens, somewhere
Even if things are not going as usual
Anyway, it’ll be fine, anyway ”

Amazing facts

His trademark is his headgear. Without her, he won’t go public. The reason for this is simple, Mark Forster suffers from hair loss and wants to cover his bald spots on the head with kappies and baseball caps. He is said to have over 200 of them.

His grandmother cannot believe that he can make a living from music and gives him money every time he visits.
Mark Forster in fan of 1. FC Kaiserslautern and ambassador of the Herzenssache e. V., a children’s aid campaign.
Mark Forster speaks Polish, but not fluently.


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