Money for relatives

US rapper Kanye West (42, “Kids See Ghosts”) usually gives the appearance of a detached star. The fact that he is very interested in worldly things and has a big heart, is now proven by the husband of Kim Kardashian (39) in the wake of the violent death of the African American George Floyd. West, for example, took part in a protest march through Chicago, which, according to the US website “TMZ”, was organized by young people from public schools.

When he took part in the march through his hometown, West was far from left. Rather, he took a total of two million dollars in hand and donated it to the survivors of all those who have recently lost their lives due to police violence and racism. West had set up a college fund for George Floyd’s six-year-old daughter, and the families of the killed Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor also received his financial support. Part of the money went to African American business owners in need.

Arbery was shot and killed on February 23 this year by two white men jogging down the street. However, she was not charged with murder until weeks later after a video of the crime went online. On March 13, 2023, Taylor was shot and killed in her home when cops stormed the property on suspicion of drug trafficking. In both cases, West’s donation is to be used, among other things, to pay the costs of the legal proceedings.



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