She went through a “mourning phase”

It is 23 years now, but they have only managed 22 years: In her YouTube format “Let’s talk girls!” With “Let’s Dance” judge Motsi Mabuse (39), actress Saskia Valencia (55) and moderator colleague Marijke Amado (66), Marlene Lufen (49) told the public about her marriage to the “sports show” moderator Claus Lufen (53). The two have two children together.

The “tears I actually shoved everyone last year,” explains the visibly moved Lufen in the talk. “I have a very nice marriage and a very nice family, but the marriage just didn’t survive.” She and her husband “should have” accepted that last year. Lufen did not want to reveal the exact reason for the separation.

The 49-year-old knows the feeling of thinking: “I can’t be without him. I love him so. […] Our family is so great. Nothing should change. ”But somehow you can recognize the moment that exactly this change has already taken place. “And you just have to design it, you have to accept it.” You don’t know how it will go on, “but it will go on.”

Of course there were ups and downs like with every couple, but “it’s just hard to accept that out of a love that was once insane that you didn’t make it,” continues Lufen. You had a real “grief phase”. Maybe someday “then there will be the point where you accept that the way is now different.”

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