Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé released an epic remix of Megan’s single “Savage”. All proceeds will go to the homeless shelter and charity “Bread of Life”.

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, this has been fighting for the care and support of high-risk individuals and crisis groups in Houston, Texas, the home town of the two musicians.

Tribute to the late mother

Female strength and female empowerment are expressed in this surprising release of the top Texas duo. The single is a self-empowerment hymn for all women, delivered by two icons who have made it a fundamental part of their careers to preach self-love to their younger fans.

The remix has a very special meaning for Megan Thee Stallion, because it pays respect to her late mother. “My mother was a really big fan of Beyoncé. She always made me look at a few things from Beyoncé, ”says Hot Girl Meg.

“That Beyoncé even makes a song with me ?!” Beyoncé also praises her mother in her rap verse (“And my momma was a savage, b *** I got this sh ** from Tina”).

Thanks to Queen B and Thee Stallion, many Texans who are affected by the coronavirus pandemic will now receive urgently needed help. And the rest of us found a new Twerk anthem.


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