One of Michael Wendler’s greatest hits is “Egal”. And at the moment, Michael Wendler and his young fiancé Laura Müller seem to be pretty indifferent to everything that happens in their lives. Because even though the couple are planning their wedding this summer and are even already producing their own documentary soap at RTL, Michael Wendler (47) and Laura Müller (19) still seem to have plenty of problems planning their wedding.

In any case, the finances of the singer are pretty bad. If you take your debt into account with the German tax authorities, Michael Wendler is practically broke. His own family shoots against the relationship with young Laura, which doesn’t seem to interest the pop bard at all. And the divorce chaos with his ex-wife Claudia Norberg seems to leave Wendler completely cold. The singer recently wrote on Instagram: “The divorce court in the United States divorced my ex and me on May 13, 2023.” It is just stupid that the court has apparently not yet informed his nor-wife Claudia Norberg (49). Or did Wendler simply lie about this statement in order to further advance the wedding with his fiancee Laura?

In any case, Claudia Norberg reports that her signature is still missing to end the divorce proceedings. Meanwhile, Michael Wendler’s argument with his own family also goes into the next round. Because after his own mother had doubted the love for young Laura, the singer decided to take a drastic step in this matter. “He wrote to me that I died for him,” says his mother Christine Tiggemann. It will therefore probably not be one of the guests at the planned wedding. But speaking of a wedding. Will this really be possible promptly with all of the problems outlined? It should be pretty clear, however, that Michael Wendler will do everything he can to get to the altar as soon as possible. Because while he is more or less broke himself, the relationship has paid off financially for young Laura. Because recently it was mainly Laura who got the interesting projects on television and who earns quite a bit of money as an influencer. So it seems that the next episodes of “Laura and the Wendler – Now is getting married” will be very interesting.



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