"As big as my favorite fruit"

"We'll have a baby," announced "Victoria's Secret" model Romee Strijd (29) two weeks ago in an Instagram post. Now it's time for a first baby bump update. And that can be seen: The expectant mother presents her growing belly in a sexy lace body.

Strijd wears a light, wide shirt over the low-cut negligee in dark pink. For this she combined a pair of jeans, of which she left the buttons open due to the growing belly. Her long, light brown hair falls over her shoulders in light waves. "You are now the same size as my favorite fruit," the model writes about the picture. A second picture shows that it is an avocado. According to experts, this means that Romee Strijd is in the 16th week of pregnancy and the baby weighs about 100 grams. You might even know if it's a girl or a boy.

It is a real miracle for Romee Strijd that she is now four months pregnant. When she announced her pregnancy, the Dutch woman explained that she had been diagnosed with ovarian disease PCOS two years ago. The diagnosis often means that a woman cannot get pregnant. But she didn't give up, changed her lifestyle and it worked with her pregnancy. The child's father is her long-time friend Laurens van Leeuwen (29).



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