The drama about the great wave of infections has just subsided through a restaurant opening, then the next mass infection comes – and again it was a celebration!

Only today the RKI published increasing R-value numbers, now there is actually another mass outbreak! After several private celebrations, a corona mass infection has occurred in Göttingen. According to a message from the city and district health department, most of those affected belong to various large families. No exact figures are known yet, the Göttingen Health Office is now informing relatives and acquaintances from the area around the infected! But it is at least a three-digit number of people that must be informed.

"The number of people to be contacted is in the three-digit range," it said. 57 children and adolescents were among the contact persons. The relevant schools have already been informed. Tests will therefore also be carried out over the Whitsun holidays. The health department is monitoring the chains of infection under high pressure at the weekend, and quarantine orders are being drawn up immediately.



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