Queen Margrethe of Denmark has just celebrated her 80th birthday. However, the celebration on April 16 was a little smaller, as Denmark also has strict restrictions due to the current crisis related to the corona virus. For this reason, Queen Margrethe had to do without a lavish party. Now, however, the queen was concerned about her own future and provided her subjects with some statements.

Usually people like to celebrate at the Danish royal court. And the

April 16 is usually a solemn occasion every year because it is Queen Margrethe’s birthday. And even though there was a big birthday this year, due to the corona virus, celebrations could only be celebrated on a very small scale. Instead of debauchery, the Danish monarch decided after a small celebration in private to have an interview with the journalist Marie-Louise Truelsen from the women’s magazine “Alt”. And in this interview it becomes clear that the queen, who has been sitting on the Danish throne since the age of 31, also looks into her own future with care and thought.

In the interview, the queen also confirmed that despite the now 80 candles on the birthday cake, she did not really feel old, but by her 80th birthday she had noticed that the end of her reign was imminent in the next few years. After all, the queen doesn’t get younger either. “I don’t think I have ten years to go,” the monarch confirmed. Although she did not have the feeling that her remaining life would be short, realistically “you have to say that I have less than ten years ahead of me”. Her subjects, in particular, may be worried about the queen. Queen Margrete has been a widow for two years. At that time, her husband Prince Frederik died. Is the monarch sick or is she thinking of handing over the throne to the next generation of the Danish royal family?

Apparently not, because in the interview the Danish queen confirms that she is still enjoying the best of health and that there is no boredom in her everyday life. “I am always in a hurry because I always do 177 things at the same time,” confirms the queen, who makes it clear that she has no time for gloomy thoughts. The past decades have filled the Danish monarch with enormous gratitude. She was incredibly happy to have had so many wonderful experiences. The queen only reveals a small drop of bitterness of advanced age. “I can no longer ski, I gave it up a few years ago, you can’t do anything about it,” mourns the monarch. Queen Margrethe now has all the more time to take care of her other hobbies. Despite her 80 Lenze, Margrete does not belong to the old iron at all.


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