Guest judge in the “GNTM” final

The sixth season “Germany’s next top model” was “an emotional roller coaster” for Rebecca Mir (28). Back then, in 2011, she took second place in the final of the ProSieben casting show. “When the decision came, my tears naturally ran down,” the model recalls in an interview with the news agency spot on news. She still doesn’t regret her participation. “I was definitely able to use ‘GNTM’ as a springboard for my career and afterwards I worked twice as hard and gave everything,” she says. This work would now also await the four finalists of this season.

On Thursday evening (May 21st, 8:15 pm, ProSieben) it will be decided who will become “Germany’s next top model” 2023 – and Mir will be there live. The guest judge is already looking forward to the upcoming event in Berlin: “There has never been a final like this in 15 years. The last show is always an absolute highlight and it will be very exciting again this year. ”Although the finale would“ turn out a bit different depending on the circumstances ”, the TV viewers could still look forward to“ a gigantic show ”.

What circumstances I’m talking about? Jury leader Heidi Klum will not make it to Germany in person due to the Corona crisis. Instead, the 46-year-old connects via video transmission from Los Angeles, from where, according to Mir, she will also “look at every little detail”. The “GNTM” runner-up already has a personal favorite, but she doesn’t want to reveal them yet. “That will remain my secret for now,” she says.

Since she took part in “GNTM”, a lot has changed for Mir, who is now married to “Let’s Dance” professional Massimo Sinató (39). She is no longer just a model, but also a TV presenter. Modeling remains “a very important part” of her life, she explains. It was not for nothing that the 28-year-old worked so hard for it. After all, that’s what the model is all about: “Hard work, hard work and discipline. You shouldn’t just rely on consultants or model agencies in this business. You should accelerate twice yourself. ”This is the only way to“ as a non-winner [of ‘GNTM’, note d. Ed.] An opportunity ”.

But then I want to add one more thing: “I owe everything to Heidi.” Generally, she only finds words of praise for the 46-year-old. It was only in January this year that the two shot together with Sinató for “GNTM” in Los Angeles. “It’s just always very fun to work with. She is absolutely professional and it never gets boring with her, ”says Mir, who said she laughed so much on the set than she had in a long time.



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