Capital: € 312 million
Age: 79
Born: 07/07/1940
Country of origin: Great Britain
Source of wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

Ringo Starr became world famous as the Beatles drummer. He belonged to this world’s most successful band from 1962 until its dissolution in 1970. His solo career afterwards brought him success again, but also many flops. He also starred in various films as an actor and supported many other musicians as their drummer.

Early life

His adolescence was overshadowed by many illnesses early after his parents separated when he was three years old. So Ringo Starr, then still under his real name Richard Starkey, spent a lot of time in hospitals, where he taught himself the basics of drumming. Raised in modest circumstances, he was the only one of the four Beatles to have had a normal job in this band before his time. But Ringo Starr was also active as a drummer in various Liverpool bands before he was wooed by the Beatles to replace Pete Best. The last band he played for before the Beatles were Rory Storm & the Hurricanes.


He first played with the Beatles in August 1961, when their drummer Pete Best fell ill. Exactly a year later, he became a permanent member of the Beatles to replace that Pete Best. From there the great success of the Liverpoolers began with the first single of the Beatles “Love Me Do”. Ringo Starr participated in the complete rise of the Beatles including Beatlemania, but composed only two pieces on the Beatles’ albums. But he was used again and again as the lead singer of individual songs, some of which became the Beatles’ greatest hits, as in “A little Help from my Friends”. Due to its small range, the pieces by Lennon / McCartney composed especially for Ringo Starr mostly consisted of fairly simple melodies.

That didn’t change the fact that there were also many Beatles fans who called Ringo their favorite Beatle. Like the other three, endowed with a natural talent for humor, he gained his popularity not only with his very own drumming, but also with his witty manner in interviews and in the Beatles’ films.

When their existence finally ended in April 1970, Ringo Starr continued as a solo artist, as did the other three Beatles. Here he experienced many ups and downs, with some major successes, but especially very little success in the 1980s. However, he often worked with the ex-Beatles, for example on George Harrison’s great success album “All Things Must Pass” or on works by John Lennon.

From the 1990s, he reoriented himself musically, which led to increasing commercial success of his publications. Since then, Ringo Starr has been going on extensive tours again, which are not least visited by many Beatles fans. Another concert break was followed in summer 2011 by a major European tour, which he started in Hamburg. Most recently there have been increased appearances with Paul McCartney, the only Beatle still living with him since George Harrison died in 2001.

He began his acting career away from the Beatles films in 1968 in the film “Candy”. There followed a number of other appearances in more well-known films, which he reduced again from the 1980s.

Career highlights

In principle, Ringo Starr’s entire membership in the Beatles is a single success story. Even if he seldom contributed anything to the actual compositions, his drumming is considered innovative, creative and definitely style-forming. Even today, many musicians rave about the game Ringo Starrs as “formative” and influential. Since he hardly had any success in the charts after the Beatles, every single record with the Beatles is a highlight of Ringo Starr’s career. To single out one here would not do justice to the huge success of the Beatles and thus of Ringo Starr.

Famous quotes

“Being part of the Beatles was a short, incredible time in my life. It took 22 years to get there and only 8 years later it was over. ”

“First of all, I’m a drummer. After that other things come … But I never played drums to make money. ”

“I love Beethoven, especially his poems.”

Amazing facts

The real name Richard was nicknamed “Ringo” because he wore an exceptionally large number of rings on his fingers.

In 1990 an asteroid was named after him, the asteroid (4150) Rigid.

In 2018 he was knighted by the Queen, which is why he can bear the nickname “Sir”.

In 2016 he was listed as the 14th best drummer in history at the music magazine “Rolling Stone”.

Ringo Starr is married to American actress Barbara Bach in a second marriage. From his first marriage, he has three sons, one of whom, Zak Starkey, is himself a drummer and was a member of Oasis and is The Who.


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