What a drama with the Geissens! The injury to head Robert is worse than expected and the attending doctor cannot tell Robert any good news either. The corona virus also causes quite a stir. Public life was severely restricted. It is clear that the Geiss family’s life is also severely affected by this disease.

At the very beginning of the Corona crisis, Carmen, Robert, and the two girls were still in Miami. “Of course we had the big draw that we had flights from Miami that went via New York and then to Milan. Milan was the epicenter at the time. We landed there on Sunday. On Monday, the children should go back to school. That didn’t work because the school sent them directly to quarantine, ”says Robert now in“ Corona time – How the RTLZWEI stars live now ”.

The quarantine is now over, but apparently the corona virus crisis is far from over. That’s why head of family Robert made an irrefutable decision. “At the moment we are staying at home and enjoying family life.”

And other things are not going as planned with the millionaire family at the moment. For some time now Robert has been suffering from a muscle tear in his calf. At times the self-made millionaire had to limp through the house on crutches. Therefore Robert visited a doctor again on the program. And this had bad news for Robert: “The doctor said that the hematoma had not improved. It got bigger. It is now 20 centimeters long. Blood has accumulated and it is jammed. In the end, it will most likely need to be punctured. The blood has to come out. Otherwise the swelling will not go away and the leg will not become thinner ”. Hopefully the injury to Robert’s leg will soon improve. He should have enough time to recover from the current corona crisis.


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