Soon the time without football in Germany should be over again. Because on May 9, the season that is currently interrupted should continue in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga. But what solutions will be found for the remaining leagues and when will the German national team be back on the pitch? Only DFB General Secretary Friedrich Curtius commented on these issues.

It is almost certain that the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga will resume play from May 9th. The rest of the season should be played in ghost games without an audience. “A positive signal has been sent. We consider this to be an advance in trust and are aware of this responsibility, ”explains Curtius. Curtius commented on the resumption of play among amateur football players as follows: “Hobby kickers are a different category. In Bavaria it was just decided to suspend the season. It remains to be seen whether other associations will do the same. We are in constant exchange with the national associations, we strive to ensure that there is a uniform rule. We decided in Germany not to stop the season. We try to find the best solution for German football. We do not expect any signal in the near future that the amateurs can kick again. ”

Especially the fans in the 3rd league are eager to see how the season that is currently interrupted will continue. But apparently the DFB is willing to find a solution for this league that everyone can live with. “We want to offer the 3rd division solutions that enable the game to continue. The 3rd league also falls into the professional football category. We are working very hard to make sure that we succeed and that we will have finished the season by June 30, ”says Curtius, who is also optimistic about the national team. “We will see international matches again in September. With or without a spectator, I am not yet certain, but in September we will see the national team on the pitch again, that is my forecast. ”


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