Capital: € 4 million
Age: 25th
Born: January 15, 1995
Country of origin: Lebanon
Source of wealth: rapper
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

The rapper Samra, whose real name is Hussein Akkouche, is a rapper living in Berlin, originally from Lebanon. He is currently under contract with Universal Urban. The company works with Sony / ATV, among others.

Early life

Samra, who was born in 1995, grew up in the Berlin district of Berlin-Lichterfelde. The first time you heard about Samra, at that time still under the name Samra45, was in 2016. At that time he contributed to the album Back to the Road by Alpa Gun with guest contributions. On the track Chaos, he threw the 187 street gang and fler that had just become popular at the time. A little later, Farid Bang expressed his interest in Samra, whom he wanted to sign with his label Banger Musik. In 2016 Samra also released a track with the well-known YouTuber and rapper Mert.


Samra signed his first contract with the Berlin label Ersguterjunge in 2017. Already on April 13, 2018 he released his first single called Rohdiamant ,. It immediately reached number 26 on the German charts. A little later, Bushido was separated from the Abou Chaker clan. Only Samra remained on the label as the only active signing until a new name was added to the label with the rapper Capital Bra. A little later, Bushido and Samra made the video for the song Hades in Japan, which became the first song from Bushido’s next album Mythos. After the release, the single reached number 8 in the German single charts on June 22, 2018. On July 5, 2018, the track For all of you came out together with Bushido and Capital Bra. With this single, the two reached number one in the German and Austrian single charts. It became the first number one hit for Samra and Bushido. The song Cataleya, which was released on November 9, 2018, also reached number one on the German single charts. Samra was again in a top position. A new track called Instinkte was released on January 11, 2019 via the streaming service Amazon Musik. A music video was then published on YouTube, which immediately took first place in German trends. The song was also Samra’s last project with Ersguterjunge.

After the rapper published the collaboration Wir ticken on Capital Bra’s label with Capital Bra on March 15, 2019, this song also immediately rose to number one in the German single charts. After it became known almost simultaneously that Samra had split up from Bushido’s Ersguterjunge label, he signed a contract with Universal Urban. After the release of the Single Harami, Samra was able to top the German single charts for the fourth time in April 2019. His single Marlboro Red, released exactly one week later, received over 2 million clicks on YouTube within 2 days. The debut album Marlboro Red, announced for September 13, 2019, was renamed Smoking Kill in June 2019. It is now scheduled for release on February 28, 2024. On October 4, 2019, Samra also released a collaboration album with Capital Bra entitled Berlin Lives 2. In addition, the singles Tilidin, Zombie, Number 1, Huracan and 110 were released in advance.

Career highlights

Samra received the Best Newcomer National award for his musical achievements in 2018 and the Best Newcomer award in 2019. Both were awarded to him as part of the Award.

Famous quotes

There are no direct quotes about Samra, but there are various excerpts from his songs on the Internet.

You don’t think I’m funny because I’m always at war with myself
You love me even though I least deserve it
My heart is broken and I write it down
Glasses fly, doors slam because we fall and we scream loudly.

Just because we love each other, we are not meant for each other
You were like an addiction
My cocaine and soda
Not love, but frustration.

Habibi, we shoot with lead,
that’s why our enemies wear Kevlar
White skirt in socks,
like Reinhold Messner.

Amazing facts

Before Samra was even known to a large number of people, he already messed with some heavyweights from the rap scene. These included none other than the band 187 street gang. On a track with Alpa Gun, he fired a few lines against the Hamburg legends. A little later he admitted that this was an own goal for him. After all, the action brought him some attention because Farid Bang noticed him. could inspire. He wanted to bring him to “Banger Musik”, where, as a real Berliner, he was supposed to dissect the “Ersguterjunge” camp.


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