Capital: € 4 million
Age: 31
Born: 07.09.1988
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: rapper
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

Michael Konrad Schindler, known as a rapper and music producer under the name Shindy, has caused a sensation in the German rap scene since 2013. The German rapper, with Greek roots, was best known for his proximity to the well-known rappers Kay One and Bushido. Shindy is not afraid of conflict and has already drawn attention with a few disstracks. In the meantime he produces songs about his own label Friend with Money. Little is known about his private life.

Early life

The son of a German and a Greek was born under his real name, Michael Schindler, in Bietigheim-Bissingen. His grandparents ran a Greek restaurant where he was often found. He started rapping in his teenage years. Schindler published his first texts on various websites where Battleraptexte are published. So the Greek-born Jaysus and the rapper Kay One became aware of him. After a few encounters, they agreed and Michael Schindler alias Schindy was accepted into the rap group Crime Payz. Shindy wrote some songs for the group and recorded songs. Kay One soon left the formation to push his career in Berlin. After a quarrel with Jaysus, Shindy followed his friend to Berlin to continue his career.


Through his friend and acquaintance Kay One, Shindy came to the rap star Bushido’s label ersguterjunge. First, he was able to place some guest contributions on the albums by Kay One and Bushido. This also included the single “Finale We’re Coming” and “Panamera Flow”, which were ranked 29th and 51st in the German charts. Not a bad entry into the rap business of the early 2000s for Michael Schindler.

Before his career could really take off, Shindy quarreled with Kay One. The disstrack “Alcoholized Pedophile” published in 2013, in which Shindy claims to tell the truth about his colleagues, caused a lot of excitement in the rap scene. This attention was used by Schindler and in the same year he released another single (“Always more and more) and his debut album“ NWA ”. The abbreviation stands for “never work again”. The video for the single “Stress for No Reason” set a new click record on YouTube. It reached over 1.1 million hits within 45 hours, but was blocked by YouTube. The album NWA was put on the index.

In the new version of the album, the song “Stress with reason” was released together with his rapper colleague arrest warrant. The track reached number 21 on the charts. In 2015, the album NWA was removed from the index again because the federal testing agency for media harmful to young people had released it.

More albums followed. “FVCKB! TCHE $ GETMONE ¥” in 2014, became one of the rap scene’s most successful albums that year. The album “CLA $$ IC”, a collaboration with the rap-size Bushido, even reached number one in all German-speaking countries and achieved gold. His third solo album “DREAMS”, which started in 2016, also achieved gold status and reached number one on the charts.

In 2017, however, the successful collaboration with Bushido’s label ersguterjunge ended for the time being. Due to the conflicts over Bushido and Arafat Abou-Chaker, Shindy fell silent. It wasn’t until 2019 that he returned to the rap stage package with a new single (“DODI”) and later the album “Drama”. This time the music was produced by his newly founded label “Friends with Money”.

But Michael Schindler doesn’t just earn well with rap music. He has also been a contract with Cayler & Sons since 2015.

In addition, his assets should grow steadily through his YouTube channel and social media presence.

Career highlights

As rapper Shindy, Michael Schindler won the “Best Newcomer National” award from the influential hip-hop website in 2013. In 2015 he received the “Best National Producer” award together with Bushido, Beatzarre and colleague Djorkaeff.

His autobiography “The Beauty & the Beats” was published in the spring of 2016. The book got number 1 on the Spiegel bestseller list of non-fiction books.

Famous quotes

“Rap-Michelangelo, Da Vinci Code, Shindy Flow
MCs want to go to Juice, I want to go to Vogue ”

“A victory is forever.”

“Ah, is that something that should upset you? Or something that tells you that you should live your dream? ”

Amazing facts

His great musical role model is the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Some of his rap lines in Shindy Songs also refer to him.

Michael Schindler briefly studied business administration at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart.

Shindy is a bestselling author.

In 2016, he was sentenced to 11 months in prison for dangerous bodily harm. Schindler was accused of beating two men in an incident in Stuttgart with several other perpetrators. He admitted partial guilt. The sentence was suspended. He also had to pay 6,000 euros in pain compensation to those affected.


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