The easing of measures to combat the contagious coronavirus continues at different speeds in the German federal states. In Saxony-Anhalt, for example, it will be possible to meet friends again from Monday. Up to 5 people who do not belong to the same household can meet there in compliance with the hygiene regulations.

Saxony-Anhalt has decided to relax the contact restrictions that have been in place for six weeks. From Monday, up to five people can travel together again, even if they do not live in a common household. This was decided by the state government in Magdeburg on Saturday. Previously, the restriction of contacts had only allowed the accompaniment of one person or several members of their own household. In this way, Saxony-Anhalt is a pioneer of easing. On Thursday, the federal and state governments had decided to keep the current restrictions.

The residents of the state’s old people’s and nursing homes are also to be allowed to visit again from May 11th. The prerequisite is wearing a mouth-nose protection, which is provided by the homes. One of the reasons for the decided easing is certainly the relatively low number of infections with the coronavirus in Saxony-Anhalt. There, the virus was detected in only 1,600 people. 44 of the infected patients died from the consequences of the viral disease.


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