The TV series “Scrubs” also had many viewers in Germany. Now one of the actors in the series, the US actor Sam Lloyd, died of cancer at the age of only 56. Millions of fans loved Sam Lloyd, who knew how to thrill in the role of the fluffy lawyer Ted in the series “Scrubs”. Now the well-known actor succumbed to cancer.

Sam Lloyd became known to many viewers due to his role as the easy-going hospital lawyer Ted Buckland in the cult series “Scrubs”. Sam Lloyd was able to prove his skills in the series between 2001 and 2009 in a total of 95 episodes. Has now

his agent confirmed the actor’s death on USA Today. According to his agent, the popular actor died of cancer. Sam Lloyd had already received the devastating diagnosis in January 2019. The doctors found a brain tumor in the Vermont-born actor. The inoperable tumor had already metastasized to the lungs, liver, spine and jawbone.

Lloyds becomes particularly tragic against the background that his wife Vanessa gave birth to the couple’s first child shortly before his death. Now Lloyd is leaving behind not only his wife Vanessa but also his just-born son Weston.

Sam Lloyd was the nephew of US actor Christopher Lloyd, who gained worldwide fame through his role as Dracula. In addition to the “Scrubs” series, Sam Lloyd could also be admired in other series such as “Desperate Housewifes”, “Shameless”, “Modern Family” or “Malcom mittendrin”. Lloyd also starred in the films “Back to the Future” and “The Addams Family”. In the next few days the actor, who was also part of the a cappella group “The Blanks”, will be buried in the family circle.


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