US actor Joe Pantoliano, 68, was hit by a car and suffered a “serious head injury”, according to “USA Today”, citing his agent. The “Sopranos” star was walking when the accident happened. He was subsequently monitored in the hospital for concussion and chest injury. The 68-year-old is now back home, as an Instagram post reveals.

A picture showing Pantoliano with a head wound and a “thumbs up” gesture can be read there: “Joey is recovering at home. He has a serious head injury and an upper body injury. “It will take him a few more days to recover:” Thank you for all the recovery wishes and the positive vibes. Keep going! We will read it to him so that he is better! ”

Pantoliano is known for the role of Ralph Cifaretto in the series “The Sopranos”, for which he won an Emmy. He could also be seen in films such as “Easy Business”, “Matrix” or “Bad Boys”.


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