The truck suddenly stands in the winter garden: truck shoots through the street and hits the house with full force!

What a fright in the early morning for a 90-year-old in Peißenberg. A deafening bang woke the old lady and her neighborhood from sleep. What sounded like an explosion was a truck that was partially stuck in their house. With great force, he had shot across an intersection into Spielstrasse and crashed into the building. Parts of the wall to the living room were blown away before the jam came to a halt in the winter garden.

The cab was completely destroyed by a balcony base, so that the witnesses and rescue workers had to expect the worst. However, the driver was actually released with moderate injuries. An ambulance took him to a hospital.

The fire brigade called in a structural engineer from the THW to check in which form the house is still stable and usable. “We will support the house when the truck is out,” announced Commandant Philipp Reichhart. A specialist company had to move up to gently pull the truck out. The support struts should then be set up. The fire department expects that this will take several hours. How it could have happened is still unclear. The police have started the investigation. The damage to the truck and house is estimated at a six-figure sum.


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