The prominence is not spared from diseases either. As it now became known, pop singer Oliver Frank recently had a heart attack. The pop singer had achieved national fame in 1996 with his song “Italian Longing”.

Oliver Frank was best known for his song "Italian Longing" in 1996. In 2005 the singer was named "Artist of the Year" in the "Party Hit" category by the artist magazine. Last year he looked for love again on a well-known TV show. Now, however, his loyal fans are worried about the hit star, because he seems to have recently suffered a heart attack. "It can be that fast. Life sometimes gives more warning shots than you fear: And suddenly you find yourself in the wrong bed after an emergency operation, ”writes the singer on his Facebook page with the hashtag“ heartattack ”. We can only hope that the 56-year-old will recover in the next few days and will soon be on his feet again.



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