New interpretation of “80 million”

Right at the start of the new series “Sing my song” there is an emotional appearance in South Africa. Rapper MoTrip (32, “Just as you are”) sings an autobiographical interpretation of the song “80 Million” by Max Giesinger (31) and thus causes numerous emotional outbursts among his music colleagues. The hit is actually about great love, but MoTrip reinterpreted the piece: “For me it’s not about finding that one person, but about the place where you feel at home. I was not born in Germany and was very young when I came here. My dad brought us to Germany. We fled Lebanon before the war. ”

With new lyrics and a more empathetic mood, the German musician of Lebanese origin tells his personal story: “In the song I focused on the journey and how unlikely it was for us to come here. And how nice it was afterwards for us to have arrived here in Germany, ”said MoTrip about his fate as a refugee. His appearance triggered emotional reactions in the others. Above all, of course, with the original artist of the song.

“I’m emotionally completely blown away by the wind – after less than 30 minutes,” explained Max Giesinger in tears. For Michael Patrick Kelly (42) MoTrip’s version was also perfectly implemented: “There are around 70 million people on the run and I think you gave these 70 million people a voice. It couldn’t be more autobiographical. ”The first episode of“ Sing my song ”can be seen on Tuesday (May 5th) at 8:15 pm on VOX.

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