For many fans of the popular band Kelly Family, this news was a big shock. Because singer Angelo recently announced that he would quit the band. But after the end, Angelo gave good reasons for his decision. Because apparently the popular singer was about to burn out.

Angelo Kelly has been an important part of the well-known band since childhood. That's why his sudden exit shocked the fans very much. Because Angelo had to make this difficult decision for the benefit of his own health. At first it was speculated

Angelo Kelly (38) no longer wants to travel with the band and wants to take care of his family in the future. But only a little later the sad truth came to light: Because the cult band Angelo apparently makes you sick! "I didn't just make music, I took care of all the management and organization, marketing. It was a stress factor and incredibly exhausting, ”he explains. Angelo is said to have been on the verge of a burnout for almost 2 years.

Whether Angelo's decision is final or whether he will return to the band in a few months is still up in the air. First of all, the singer can now devote himself more intensively to his own family. Wife Kira (40) and the five children will probably keep Angelo busy. So far, the singer has not regretted his resignation: “I had to decide what is essential for me. And I made the right decision! ”. Angelo is sure. However, the door is always open for a return to the band.



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