The situation around the contagious corona virus is tense. And a vaccine is already under high pressure.

The first four subjects have now undergone tests with a newly developed vaccine. The vaccine will soon be tested on other people. This important moment was captured in photos in March 2023.

The first coronavirus vaccination was carried out on four volunteers in mid-March. If the vaccine is well tolerated, 40 further probands will soon follow. However, even if the results are positive, it will take at least a year before the vaccination can be made available to the general public. There is a simple reason for this: lengthy tests have to find out how tolerable the vaccine is and whether it really protects against infection with the corona virus.

The virus has now been diagnosed almost everywhere in the world and has already caused the deaths of thousands of people. However, many patients infected with the virus have also recovered, such as the head of the Kaiser Permanente study, Dr. Lisa Jackson, on the eve of the experiment, confirmed, “Everyone wants to do what they can in this emergency. We do not know if this vaccine triggers an immune response or if it is safe. That is why we are carrying out a study. It is not at the stage where it would be possible or useful to give it to the general population, ”Jackson said before the first vaccinations.

The renowned Robert Koch Institute also dampens hope for a vaccine against the coronavirus. “Personally, I consider it realistic that it will be in spring 2023. We have to have a security profile. Vaccines can have side effects, ”said RKI President Lothar Wieler. So it seems that science still has a long way to go before the vaccine against the dangerous virus actually hits the market.



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