Stefan Mross and partner Anna-Carinna Woitschack have been engaged since the end of last year. The wedding of the two lovebirds is to take place soon. The wedding, which had to be canceled due to the corona virus in the past few weeks, should be celebrated as soon as possible among the closest family. In addition, Stefan has now revealed a sweet secret.

Many viewers will surely remember Stefan’s romantic request for his Anna-Carina on Florian Silbereisen’s show. Since then, the couple has been in love as ever and has not been driven crazy by the setback of the canceled wedding. This should be done as soon as possible in the next few months. Stefan Mross (44) is full of praise for his partner Anna-Carina Woitschack (27): “She is the greatest happiness of my life.” The wedding is now supposed to take place in late summer. The couple is waiting for the registry offices to open again and for a wedding to be possible without a face mask.

Stefan is really looking forward to his current partner adopting his last name: “Anna-Carina Mross sounds cool! I would be proud if she would take my name. ”And of course Stefan does not allow himself to be ripped off and also reveals a little secret that should fuel the speculation about the couple. “We absolutely want a baby and we want everyone to be the same as a family.” Then the fans of Stefan and Anna-Carina will soon be able to prepare for sweet news. Maybe even before the couple’s official wedding?



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