The Swedish government has received a lot of criticism in recent days. In the Corona crisis, the Swedes had made only few specifications for their own population, but in comparison to the neighboring countries they had high infection rates and a high death rate. But now the WHO has praised Sweden’s Corona course.

While the Swedish “special way” in the Corona crisis is itself criticized in its own country, WHO seems to like the variant chosen by the Swedish government. Because now a leading WHO employee praised the Scandinavian country’s action in the fight against the corona virus. Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergency Program, said to us, “We may be able to learn from our colleagues in Sweden.” How to “go back to a society without lockdown”.

In the interview, Ryan once again pointed out that Sweden would have taken measures to prevent the virus from spreading. However, people in Sweden did not rely on bans, but rightly relied on the insight and willingness of the citizens. These would then have largely self-regulated and would have followed the distance regulations on their own. In Ryan’s opinion, the Swedish way is a “model for the future”. Ryan believes that a move away from the measures and closings taken is only possible if society succeeds in adapting its “physical and social conditions” to the virus. The lifestyle changes resulting from the crisis would then probably have to be maintained over a long period of time. In this sense, Ryan sees the Swedes as a role model for other countries.


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