He had the elegance of a gentleman, the enthusiasm and the combativeness of a Don Quixote. The painter and Spanish sculptor Eduardo Arroyo, died in Madrid Sunday 14 October, died of cancer at the age of 81 years. “I was born on February 26, 1937, under the bombs, at number 19 of the street Argensola in Madrid,” he wrote in Minutes the last will and testament (Grasset, 2010). Because he wanted to be a writer – he was, and rather good, as shown in his last work, an encrypted form of autobiography, entitled Two tennis balls (Flammarion, 2017) – and was, in his youth, the man of the press.

He had followed, indeed, the courses of the Spanish school of journalism, an institution that ” little bit rational, quite delusional and very funny “, and exerted his talents in the newspapers in madrid, illustrating quite well the opinion of the director of her school : “Eduardo is intelligent, but he is still distracted ; he works little. In addition, it is capable of making fun of the president of the United States of America. “In the Spain of Franco, it was unwise : in 1958, he chose to leave, and moved to Paris.

” I’ve been lucky enough to have 20 years in Paris, and to live in Montparnasse, a district of artists at the time, î he told the World in 2010. “Paris was divided in two : the artists of Montparnasse, the writers at Saint-Germain. What I saw, it was the behavior of the painters, their nobility, despite a misery very great. The old had a look on us, the youth. They were worth going to see in the galleries, and to locate young people. “Come with us, we will continue to live together…” It was what they had experienced themselves. A tradition that wells up even in the galleries where the old did live the less old, that they were to live young. “

“Killer” of Duchamp

this time, he had kept the taste of the bars…


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