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From June 5, 2023 (always on Fridays at 10:15 p.m.), Sat.1 will show the sixth season of the popular rate comedy show “Genial daneben”. In recent years, some rate show formats have been able to establish themselves in German TV. An overview of popular quiz shows that still attract viewers to the screen.

The audience has been “genially beside it” since 2003. The quiz show with host Hugo Egon Balder (70) and prominent guessing foxes was shown until 2011. A new edition has been broadcast on Sat.1 since March 2017. Since 2018, the offshoot “Genial beseben – Das Quiz” has also made it into the evening program (Monday to Friday at 7 p.m.). The concept of the show: Five comedians answer questions submitted by viewers as entertaining as possible and have to improvise.

“Nothing is prescribed, there are no rehearsals and eternal texts learn beforehand. We sit there and laugh ourselves limp, ”Balder said in an interview with spot on news at the beginning of April this year, still enthusiastic about the show. “Many people still don’t believe us and think that authors have to be behind it. That is nonsense. ”The format not only convinces Balder, but has already won numerous prizes, including the German Comedy Award, the German Television Award and the Golden Romy.

Germany’s most famous quiz show was launched in 1999: “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Is the offshoot of the British quiz show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”. With moderator Günther Jauch (63), the RTL show, in which five candidates per episode have the chance to win one million euros by answering general knowledge questions and with the help of jokers, became a popular evening program. This was followed by offshoots such as the celebrity special, in which stars puzzle for a good cause, or the gambler special, in which the participants play for 2 million euros. By the way, since 2009, Jauch has been proving his own talent for rates: in “5 gegen Jauch”, also at RTL, he answers questions and competes against a group of candidates who can advise.

Günther Jauch has been moderating the successful quiz show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” Since 1999. TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

The “Quiz duel” has been produced for ARD since May 2014. The show is based on the app of the same name and is moderated by Jörg Pilawa (54). The format went through some changes. Initially four, later two candidates played in the studio against the app users at home. Due to technical problems, the app users were exchanged with the studio audience for a certain period of time. Today “Quizduell-Olymp” is shown, a variant of the program in which two celebrities compete against three experts. Jörg Pilawa is one of the most popular quiz show moderators, he was the face of “The Quiz with Jörg Pilawa”, “Couple duel”, “Germany’s super brain”, “Do you know Germany?” Or “Save the million!”.

“Quiz duel” is just one of many quiz shows that Jörg Pilawa has moderated in his career. ARD / Uwe Ernst

His colleague Kai Pflaume (53) has been leading the program “Who knows something?” In the first one since 2015. There are two teams in each episode, led by Bernhard Hoëcker (50) and Elton (49), each with a celebrity, who compete against each other and answer questions about curious events from twelve categories. The studio guests decide which duo they want to join. The winning couple’s prize money will ultimately be distributed among the audience. The show gets good ratings, so the first shows XXL editions on Saturday evening, in which two celebrities each take part in three rounds. The prize money will be donated.

Moderator Kai Pflaume (center) asks Bernhard Hoëcker (left) and Elton tricky questions. NDR / Morris Mac Matzen

“Who knows something like that?” Has alternated with “Inquired – Chased” since 2015. The installment is an adaptation of the British edition “The Chase” and was first shown on NDR in 2012 under the moderation of Alexander Bommes (44). The concept: A candidate earns capital in a quick guessing round, which he then has to defend against the “hunter”. If he is beaten and caught up by him in the question and answer session, he is eliminated and his capital expires. Sebastian Jacoby (42) and Sebastian Klussmann (31) are among the hunting quiz experts.

“In demand – hunted” with moderator Alexander Bommes has a loyal fan base. ARD / Uwe Ernst

The ZDF format “The Quiz Champion” describes itself as “the hardest quiz in Germany”, the last edition was shown at the end of March 2023. A candidate faces exciting duels against five prominent bright minds like Wigald Boning (53) in areas of knowledge such as sports, geography or literature to become “The Quiz Champion”. The first to score three points wins a category. There is no joker available for this; only when he has defeated all five experts in the categories will he win. If several candidates succeed, they will have to fight for overall victory in a final round. “The Quiz Champion” has been moderated by Johannes B. Kerner (55) since 2013, he took over from Jörg Pilawa, who premiered the show in 2012.

Does Johannes B. Kerner host Germany’s toughest quiz show? ZDF / Svea Pietschmann



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