He loves Hitchcock films

Jens Wawrczeck (56) has been known as the voice of Peter Shaw for more than 40 years – he speaks the second detective in the cult radio drama series “Die three ???”. Now the actor and speaker is also demonstrating his talent as a singer and will release his first album “Celluloid” with well-known film songs on Friday (May 8th). In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Wawrczeck explained which film and series tips he has for the corona isolation, how he otherwise spends his time and how long the cult radio drama series will continue to exist.

Jens Wawrczeck: It’s a tricky question. Depending on the mood, one or the other film moves to number one for me. A Hitchcock or Doris Day film is always one of the front runners.

Wawrczeck: Yes, absolutely. I have been working on various projects with the composer Henrik Albrecht.

Wawrczeck: In the past few years I’ve also sung publicly as part of my readings. To present myself completely singing was a long-cherished wish for which the time was ripe. I just felt: now the time has come. And I found the right musicians with whom I could implement my ideas.

Wawrczeck: Fortunately, only a postponement of the dates and no complete cancellation. I will catch up on every performance in autumn 2022 or next year.

Wawrczeck: Justus is certainly hamstering even without a corona crisis.

Wawrczeck: It’s in the stars. And quit? At some point sure, but when and how is just as uncertain.

Wawrczeck: The impatience.

Wawrczeck: If I can, he can too.

Wawrczeck: All films that I recommend on my Facebook page. No computer-animated catastrophe films, but all the more films that are good for the soul: “Sabrina” with Audrey Hepburn, for example.

Wawrczeck: This is my sweet secret.

Wawrczeck: plant my balcony and make plans for the future.

Wawrczeck: I am very excited to see the Alfred Hitchcock Presents series from the 1950s. Every episode is a little gem. And I just devoured the novel “Alexis Sorbas” by Nikos Kazantzakis – a big book!

Wawrczeck: A visit to “Suzy Wong”, my favorite Chinese, and an appointment with my hairdresser – it’s about time!

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