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Not short, not long, it must be midi. In spring and summer 2022, half-length skirts are the eye-catcher par excellence. Queen Letizia of Spain (47) is also a big fan. However, anyone who has already tried on a midi skirt like this will have noticed that the it piece is not exactly easy to style. These tips can help.

See, shop, be happy – if only it were that easy. The right length of the model is important so that women in a midi skirt can convince. Because while tall women in calf-length skirts look graceful and graceful, smaller women with short legs run the risk of looking upset. Instead, you should use models that gently caress the knee.

Basically, the stretching effect of a midi skirt can be enhanced by choosing the right material. Pleated skirts in particular are best suited for this due to their vertical fold structure. Queen Letizia is leading the way.

Curvy model Angelina Kirsch (31), among others, proves that curvy women can also take heart for the new it piece. She presents a calf-length zebra model in an A-line that skilfully stages her narrow cuffs. Proper styling is important. If you wear a midi skirt, you should always pay attention to the proportions. Means: Always wear the skirt as a waist skirt. This makes it visually slim and can also be underlined with a belt. If a jacket is added to the outfit, this should also end at the waist to support the effect.

Tops made of flowing fabrics and wide cuts go best with the midi skirt. While Queen Letizia combines a shiny silk blouse with her pleated model, Kirsch goes for a loose-fitting turtleneck. Both also heed the styling tip to make the hem of the top disappear into the skirt waistband. This also makes the waist look narrower.

If you want to fully enjoy the stretching effect of a midi skirt, you should definitely combine high heels with the half-length it-piece. So-called sock boots, as presented by model Kirsch, are particularly popular at the moment. But also more open variants can be combined to a midi skirt. Influencer Caro Daur (25), for example, uses mid -height sling pumps with lace and laces that also stretch the leg optically.

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