That happened in a row 7,000

The RTL daily “Good times, bad times” celebrates its big anniversary: In a sequence of 7,000, four women of the Kolle-Kiez experience a seemingly relaxed holiday in Fuerteventura in the length of a feature film. But a boat trip turns into a dangerous trip – in the end, three of the vacationers even fear for the life of their friend who has traveled with them.

Nina, Maren and Yvonne are looking forward to their vacation together and ten relaxing days on Fuerteventura. But Maren is worried about Katrin, who does not want to face her alcohol problem and skips her group therapy. Without further ado, she invites her to the trip, which is particularly poorly understood by Yvonne. But the women don’t want to spoil their luxury vacation in a sunny atmosphere and try to tolerate the surprise guest.

At the pool, Maren reveals the real reason why she brought Katrin with her and the concern for her to her two friends. During the evening together Katrin notices that Nina and Yvonne know about their alcohol problem. She isolates herself from the group and chartered a boat the next day. But Nina, Maren and Yvonne follow her and want to accompany her. When stopping on a desert island, the drama takes its course.

After a hike, the women notice that their boat has disappeared. Your search along the coast is unsuccessful. Yvonne and Nina set off to look for help on the island, Katrin and Maren stayed on the beach to look out for them. Vacationers are most afraid of their water supply. Yvonne also falls and pokes her shoulder out, whereupon Nina has to straighten her again. At the self-ignited campfire, the four wait on the beach for the night. The next day Katrin discovers an abandoned building on the island.

But in the house they find no help they are looking for. The friends’ nerves are bare after the water bottles are finally empty. On the second evening on the island they look back on their lives, Nina regrets her constant cowardice, with which she almost lost her children. Yvonne is grieved not to have gone to see her daughter earlier and Katrin has wasted so much time – and “now Till is dead”. In tears, Maren “just wants to see my baby”. The mood changes when Yvonne can’t help but make a sharp comment against Katrin.

Katrin reveals to her in spite of Joe Joe’s hiding something: he knew Katrin hit Norbert and helped her to cover it up. In the dispute, Katrin drops a water bottle from her pocket. “We shared our last water with you”, Maren is shocked and tears the bottle from her hand. Katrin then runs to the abandoned building and grabs a bottle of rum from the closet, which she had previously spied there. In the morning, she is about to plunge into the floods when she hears Maren’s screams.

Katrin brings the seriously injured Maren to the other two vacationers. Yvonne assumes a traumatic brain injury that urgently needs medical attention – otherwise Maren will die. The strength of women is waning more and more, soon all three sink into an exhausted sleep next to Maren. When Nina wakes up, an idea comes to her mind: she pulls old pieces of wood out of the building and lights a signal fire with the remaining alcohol from the bottle. A jet skier notices the women and rushes to help.

Maren is taken care of in the hospital, whereupon Alex travels to her and brings his loved one home. Back in Berlin, Nina finally wants to stand by Leon. Yvonne confronts Joe about the lie about Norbert and refuses to accept his eternal apologies. Katrin reconciles herself with Maren – and she also finds a conciliatory moment with Yvonne and Nina: “I don’t care, none of you.”

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