The former top manager Borchert (Christian Kohlund) has little illusions about the powerful clients of his old friend Reto Zanger (Robert Hunger-Bühler). How good that he is out of the question as a “lawyer without a license” for friendship services. Borchert’s boss Dominique Kuster (Ina Paule Klink), however, steps in for her father at short notice. She is supposed to represent the father of the family, Alexander Böni (Golo Euler), who was convicted of an assault. Shortly after the trial started, however, Böni pulled out a weapon hidden under the table and seized everyone in the courtroom.

Olaf Hintz (Dieter Hallervorden) is disgust and misanthrope. After years of looking after his sister Elfie (Ursela Monn) has had enough. She goes and rents her part of the shared apartment to the single parent Trixie (Alwara Höfels). So Hintz ‘nightmare moves in with him, including the three blanks Murat, Afia and Sean. The reactionary senior immediately declares war on the small family. When Hintz catches Murat stealing, he takes the opportunity to put everyone right outside the door.

The Federation receives a surprising offer from the Romulans: they want to make peace. Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) is sent to Romulus as the Federation emissary. There he meets Shinzon (Tom Hardy), leader of the Romulans and Picards clone. Picard’s young likeness actually has very different goals: he needs the captain to keep himself alive with his genetic material. When Picard can escape, Shinzon sets out to destroy the earth.

In 1982, a spacecraft was launched into space to send a message of peace to extraterrestrial beings. Unfortunately, the aliens understand this to the contrary, and they attack Earth in the form of video game characters. The only hope are the arcade champions Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), Will Cooper (Kevin James), Ludlow Lamonsoff (Josh Gad) and Eddie Plant (Peter Dinklage). They must use their expertise to defeat the aliens.

Pilots Gene (Mel Gibson) and Billy (Robert Downey Jr.) fly one of the hottest air routes between Laos and Vietnam for “Air America” during the Vietnam War. They officially transport freight orders for Laos, unofficially they serve the heroin trade for their superiors. In return, Laos supports him in the fight against Vietnam. But Washington is getting wind of it.


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