In June 2023, food discounter Aldi will have a big recall. This time the retail chain has to recall a food from its range. Sampling showed that residues of pesticides were found in the popular fruits.

The consumer portal "" has now reported on the recall of Aldi. According to the portal's report, it was determined during self-examinations that residues of the plant protection product oxamyl were detected in the fruit sold at Aldi Nord. In detail, the recall is about the "mini watermelons, class 1" from the supplier Catman North GmbH with the GGN 4052852232968.

Now the retail giant is urgently warning against eating the fruits. Due to the chemical residues on the fruits, a health risk for customers cannot be excluded. So if you still have the fruit at home, you should hand it in to the nearest Aldi discounter as soon as possible. Of course, customers there will also be reimbursed the purchase price without a receipt. Products from other manufacturers are not affected. With the GGN it can be determined without a doubt whether it is the contaminated fruit.



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