The EM kick-off would have been at 9 p.m.

The 2023 European Football Championship (UEFA EURO 2023) was postponed by one year to the summer of 2023 due to Corona. To mark the 60th anniversary of the competition, the games will be played in different stadiums across Europe. The major sporting event would have kicked off this Friday (June 12) at 9 p.m. with the Italy – Turkey game in Rome.

“An attractive game combined with a nice travel destination would have appealed to me,” comments author Volker Keidel (50, “Anyone who drinks alcohol-free cyclists has given up: one against all trends”) the shift in an interview with spot on news. The new date, however, makes him really wistful – and many other fans – not.

Volker Keidel: I have to honestly say that it leaves me relatively cold. Even the World Cup in Russia didn’t move me, nor did we leave. I used to take vacation for the entire preliminary round … I no longer feel this childish joy.

Keidel: Well, it would have been a pretty dreary event without spectators. I’m a HSV fan and watch enough sad games, so I’m served.

Keidel: I didn’t take care of cards in advance, but an attractive game combined with a nice travel destination would have appealed to me. Milan or Madrid, the main thing … let’s do it!

Keidel: HSV games preferably in the stadium, because afterwards I can drink what I have experienced together with the boys and nobody makes fun of me; EM or World Cup games preferably when barbecuing with friends.

Keidel: After all the corona restrictions, I actually miss everything. Football, friends, escalation. But above all, escalating with friends in soccer.

Keidel: Since I only watch HSV games anyway, little has changed apart from the lack of mood. I sit excitedly in front of the TV, hope for the best and fear the worst. During injury time, I prepare handkerchiefs. In principle, football without fans is like non-alcoholic cyclists. Complete nonsense!

Keidel: 100 people watched us too, after all, I played for renowned clubs such as VfR Burggrumbach and ASV Rimpar. Every spectator brings emotion. It doesn’t matter whether you insult the sugar beet farmer from the neighboring town or the problem children of St. Pauli. Rivalry and provocation make football.



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