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The man knows how to write innovative ballads! In April Woodkid came back and presented his comeback single “Goliath”, now the Grammy-nominated all-rounder is presenting the next track.

Woodkid is back. “Pale Yellow” will be released this Friday and focuses on addiction and intimacy. The sound inventor and probably the largest French pop act of recent years remains one of the most exciting European music innovators and also fascinates with concepts and visuals …

The machine in me

In “Pale Yellow”, the artist asks questions about intimacy and addiction. “I will rise again slow I will fix the pain on my own”. It is a struggle with yourself – the struggle and the desire to escape from your own addiction. It is about the strength of the body and mind that is needed to escape a difficult situation.

Woodkid said: “When ‘Goliath’, my first single, conjures up the gigantic, the titanic, ‘Pale Yellow’ is about the inner machine, the intimate monster. The song is about the form of chemical addiction and the power of psychological resistance to self-destruction. ”


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