Capital: € 1 million
Age: 44
Born: 01/21/1976
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Moderator
Last updated: 2022

Who is Alexander Bommes?

Alexander Bommes is a German sports and television presenter. On January 21, 1976, the former handball professional in Kiel saw the light of day. He was married to television presenter Julia Westlake for many years, with whom he also has two sons named Jonathan and Benjamin. The two have been living separately since 2016, although the reason for the separation has always been kept secret. After his first league career in handball, Alexander Bommes successfully completed his law degree. After completing his first state examination, Bommes began a traineeship at the NDR, which in November 2007 led him to moderate the “Hamburger Journal”, the main news program for Hamburg. Since then he has worked his way upwards in the television business and convinces with his always likeable manner in front of the camera.

Handball and television career by Alexander Bommes

Before he went into the television world, he played for TSV Bayer Dormagen and VFL Gummersbach in the Handball Bundesliga. From Gummersbach it went back to the second division club TSV Altenholz, where he was even the top scorer of the team and scored 824 goals in 132 second division games. In the 2005/06 season he was top scorer in the 2nd Bundesliga North with 293 goals in 38 games before he announced his retirement in 2008. He had been in front of the camera at the “Hamburger Journal” since 2007 because the then head of the regional radio station had the courage to throw an unknown newcomer into the cold water. Then as now, the smart presenter was very well received by both young and old. He appears competent and fun-loving at all times, which is why it quickly became clear to many that the NDR is probably not the end point of his television career. As it turned out, it wasn’t like that. From 2012 on, he moderated the popular quiz program “asked – hunted”, which was initially only shown on the NDR before it made it onto the ARD evening program in 2015. On top of that, Alexander Bommes and Bettina Tietjen have the talk show “Tietjen und Bommes”, which can be seen in the NDR’s Friday evening program. Since 2015, Alexander Bommes can also be seen as the moderator of the “ARD sports show”. At ARD, he also guides the viewer confidently and professionally through the European Football Championship 2016 and the Handball World Cup 2019. No matter whether “normal” or absolute celebrity, Alexander Bommes always finds the right words and convinces at any time with great Charm.

Highlights of Alexander Bommes’ career

Alexander Bommes has had some successes in terms of sport and television technology. For example, he became the top scorer in the 2nd Bundesliga North. Other highlights should be the respective “climbs” in the television business, in which he gained a better foothold from year to year and has meanwhile reached the top, so to speak. As he also emphasized in interviews, his two sons are among his personal career highlights, which shows how down-to-earth and personable Alexander Bommes comes from.

Famous quotes from Alexander Bommes

“I don’t have stage fright. It’s hard for me to sit down at home and have conversations ”- a statement that shows how relaxed Alexander Bommes takes his life. He goes into every TV show with an open mind and convinces with quick wit and a friendly demeanor.

“I am impatient and I have incredibly high standards – also for others. I am a fan of team sports in all areas of life, basically I don’t let anything slip and I want everyone to burn ”. – Alexander Bommes has always been a real team player. In sports as well as in TV, Alexander Bommes prefers to travel with colleagues rather than alone. The other part of his statement underlines how much ambition he showed in all of his life situations.

Success tips from Alexander Bommes

As mentioned in his quote, Alexander Bommes loves many team sports. He likes teamwork and prefers to work in a group rather than alone. For him, the traditional values really matter and selfishness seems a foreign word to him. “Together to the goal” – this is the best way to call the motto for your life.


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