Capital: € 10 million
Age: 23
Born: 04/20/1997
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Professional tennis player
Last updated: 2022


Alexander Zverev is an active German tennis professional. His main residence is in Monaco. He is active in singles and doubles. The latter he plays with his brother Mischa. His strengths include a very good first serve, an attacking net game and an exemplary room coverage.

Early life

Alexander Zverev was born on April 20, 1997 in Hamburg. There he grew up with his Russian-born parents and his older brother. Through her he came into contact with tennis. Both his father and mother were former tennis players. His father played in the Davis Cup for the Soviet Union and reached number 175 in the world rankings. His mother made it to 380th place. His brother, who is ten years older, is also a professional tennis player. When he started playing tournaments, Alexander wanted to emulate his big brother and also play tennis matches. So that he could concentrate fully on tennis, Alexander left school after the tenth grade with the middle maturity.


Like his brother, Alexander Zvererv started his career in the tennis department of the Hamburg club Uhlenhorster HC. There, like his brother, he was trained by his father. He first played in junior tournaments. This was where he had his first major success in 2013 when he made it to the junior French Open. In the same year, the then 16-year-old played his first match on the ATP World Tour in Hamburg. The following year he celebrated winning his first major junior title when he managed to win the Australian Open. In 2014 he also won the first profit of a professional tournament at the Sparkassen Open in Braunschweig. The following year he succeeded for the first time in the top 100 in the tennis world rankings and survived the qualifying round of a Grand Slam tournament (Wimbledon). A year later, he was able to move into the finals of an ATP tournament for the first time at the tennis tournament in Nice and play his first match for the German Davis Cup team. In 2016 he also won the first ATP tournament in Saint Petersburg. After further successes in 2017, he was able to advance to 3rd place in the world rankings, his highest ranking to date. In 2018, the former Czech world-class player Ivan Lendl took over the training from Alexander Zverev. The collaboration ended a year later and his father became his coach again.

Career highlights

Alexander Zverev has won eleven individual titles at ATP tournaments so far: in 2016 he won the Saint Petersburg tournament. In 2017 he won the tournaments from Montpellier, Munich, Rome, Washington and Montreal. A year later, he was able to defend his titles from Munich and Washington and also won the tournaments of Madrid and London. In 2019 he won the Geneva tournament. In addition, there are another seven final participations in ATP tournaments. In doubles, he and his brother Mischa have so far won two tournaments: 2017 in Montpellier (where he also won the individual tournament) and 2019 in Acapulco. The two brothers also made it to the final in five other tournaments. His greatest successes in Grand Slam tournaments were the two quarter-finals at the French Open 2018 and 2019.

Famous quotes

“I’m a very relaxed guy when it comes to not winning sports or games. Whether tennis, play station or dice poker: I always want to win. The main message you should know: If you want to be friends with me, you’d better lose against me. ”

“Of course I’m happy that I was among the top 20 in the world so quickly. But I also know that I still have a lot of work to do to get where I want to go. ” “I still have the claim to be the best, no question. Nobody expects more from me than I do myself. “In principle, I am my sharpest and hardest critic. I always try to be honest with myself. ”

Success tips

Alexander Zverev is considered obsessed with success, who goes his way with the greatest possible determination and absolute will to win. He is also a person who is passionate about his sport. He likes to play tennis practically every day. Distractions are also very important to him. With them, he can better deal with the pressure that can be felt strongly in professional tennis. Resting on his success is not Alexander Zverev’s job. He wants to constantly improve and achieve further success. A healthy lifestyle is also a prerequisite for good performance and the reason why he avoids drinking alcohol. Since his family environment is closely related to tennis and his career, intact family relationships are another guarantee for good results on the tennis court for Alexander Zverev.


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