This picture is a real eye catcher. But this time it has less to do with Annemarie Carpendale's choice of clothes. Because in her new Instagram photo, the "Pro7" presenter shows herself in a green top, where you can see the approach of a tummy. Not only the fans of Annemarie are therefore wondering whether there may be youngsters on the road again.

On the current photo by Annemarie Carpendales Instagram profile

the viewers notice a suspicious curve in the abdomen. "Is that a little tummy? Can we look forward to newborns? ”Asks one user bluntly. There could be some truth to this assumption, because Annemarie is actually known for her perfect figure. Or did the moderator put on a little bit of corona bacon in the crisis surrounding the contagious corona virus? Another pregnancy seems possible, especially given that Mads' son has already turned 2. Does he now get a little brother or sister to play with?

So far, neither Annemarie nor Wayne have spoken openly about further family growth. But the two seem to be floating in pure family happiness. The second child would come just right to complete the family. It will be interesting to see whether Annemarie will answer the numerous questions about her tummy, or whether her fans and followers will have to speculate whether the pretty presenter is actually pregnant.



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