Sarah Lombardi and footballer Julian Büscher have been a couple for a short time. The footballer was apparently accepted by Sarah’s son Alessio from day one of the relationship. And apparently Julian also liked to deal with the little one. May the couple even announce the news of further offspring soon?

Even if Sarah has only been with Julian for a few months, there are certainly cases where the couples quickly realize that they want to stay together forever. And on Instagram, Sarah Lombardi makes it clear that she wants a sibling for her son Alessio. Pietro Lombardi and his ex-wife Sarah have been the proud parents of little Alessio for four years. In the meantime, the two have separated. For some time now, soccer player Julian Büscher has been the new man at Sarah’s side. On Instagram, the two lovebirds are in love. And even with little Alessio, the athlete gets along very well. Should the newly in love already think of their own offspring?

It almost looks like it. Sarah has now revealed a sweet secret on an Instagram livestream. There Sarah said that she could imagine a second child. “I think Alessio would need a sibling to learn to share and not always have the attention to himself,” Sarah chatted there. So wonderful and exciting news. Sarah is not averse to another baby. Will she and her boyfriend Julian even announce the execution soon? Because the baby news would certainly trigger a lot of joy among the fans of the two.


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