Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger (72, “Terminator – Dark Fate”) came up with something special for the first birthday of his donkey Lulu: a funny birthday serenade on Twitter. The “Terminator” sits at his dining table and fervently sings “Happy Birthday” while the four-legged friend hastily eats a cake. “Candles are unnecessary,” Schwarzenegger comments after the vocal performance.

“Today you will be one year old Lulu,” says the cult actor, while Lulu is also working on the last crumbs in his hand. “Look at the jealous who’s just coming in,” Schwarzenegger says. Shortly thereafter, the camera pans to the other side of the table, where his apparently jealous dwarf pony, Whiskey, is watching the scenario with wide eyes suspiciously.

Schwarzenegger lets his animals move freely around the house. On the talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” he said recently that they were allowed to walk anywhere, even going up and down the stairs. Especially since the Corona crisis, Lulu and Whiskey have always been part of Schwarzenegger’s postings. With the cute animal videos he wanted to encourage his fans to stay at home as well.


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