Beatrice Egli with great slim pictures! How did you do it? Beatrice Egli, slim and sexy! Wow – that suits you! Beatrice Egli is loved for her beautiful curves, but every woman likes a few extra pounds. Now Beatrice presents herself with new photos and a figure craze, she is slim and sexy like she hasn't been for a long time!

Beatrice is currently busy advertising on Instagram for her new show “I love Schlager toll”. The latest pictures are surprising, however, because they are slimmer than they have been for a long time! Belly-free and with the usual exciting decolette, she is now showing up for her show! It is striking that the singer is in top shape! Her fans did not miss the change, however, and they showered the singer with compliments: "Wow", "What an adorable photo", "Pretty", are the comments.

The Swiss woman has repeatedly emphasized how important her sport and workouts are! In addition, she regularly travels in the mountains and in nature, be it hiking or by bike. Now she seems to have put a few extra layers in the gym! Be it as it is, the fans are enthusiastic and Beatrice loves the look!



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