Capital: € 1 million
Age: 28
Born: May 4, 1991
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: comedian
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Chris Tall, real name Christopher Nast, is a German comedian who won the RTL Comedy Grand Prix in 2013 and was awarded the German Comedy Prize 3 years later in the “Best Newcomer” category. He comes from Hamburg and has been living there again since 2014.

Early life

Chris Tall was born in 1991 in Hamburg and grew up in the southeastern Hamburg district of Lohbrügge. He was active as a goalkeeper in the VFL Lohbrügge football club. After passing the secondary school qualification, he obtained the technical college entrance qualification with a focus on business and administration. After successfully completing his high school diploma, he completed an apprenticeship as an insurance clerk. According to his own testimony, Chris was already known as a class clown at school and his humorous manner made a career as a comedian obvious. However, when he first appeared in a restaurant called “Thier” in Hamburg, only 12 people were present. Due to better chances and a larger scene of small artists, Chris Tall moved from his home town of Lohbrügge to the city of Cologne. There he gave further appearances and worked as a cell phone seller.

According to his own statements, he was inspired by Mario Barth’s appearances for a career as a comedian. Chris saw this for the first time at the age of 13 and was completely enthusiastic about his stage program. At 19, he saw the then 18-year-old comedian Fabian Hintzen at the RTL II Fun Club, who ultimately gave him the final boost in motivation to realize and implement his own stage program.


Through playing various shows and the winning Comedy Grand Prix, Stefan Raab became aware of Chris Tall, who then frequently invited him to his TV-Total program, which enormously increased the media attention of the then very young Chris. Within his program at the time, he called for jokes about disadvantaged minorities. This resulted in his well-known key question “Can he do this?” which has developed into the characteristic unique selling point of the young comedian. The appearances in the TV-Total show are followed by further stage shows as part of Nightwash and the Quatsch Comedy Club. The successful response resulted in his first successful solo program in 2015 with the title “Relocation at Risk”. The following year his first book “Selfie von Mutti! If parents want to be cool ”and the stage program of the same name. Chris already shared a stage with big names in the comedy scene, such as Luke Mockridge, Cindy from Marzahn and Bülent Ceylan. He has been working with the latter since 2017 as part of his program “Die Bülent Ceylan Show” and interviewing passers-by in the pedestrian zone.

Career highlights

After two major roles in the two films “Graduation Trip” and “Men’s Day”, Chris Tall signed a three-year exclusive contract with the film production company Constantin Film in 2017. In the same year the newcomer got his own primetime show on RTL with the title “Do we want to bet? Bülent against Chris ”. Since September 27 this year, the comedian has also had his own show on Amazon’s Prime Video streaming portal. Chris won the 1Live Krone in the Comedy category in 2018 and was awarded the Bambi in the same category a year later.

Famous quotes

“You may be joking about a black man and the black man doesn’t laugh. Then you are not racists – then the black man has no humor. ”
-Chris Tall

“My mother always yells at me:” Clean up your room. ” The other day she shouted at me so loudly – my neighbor cleaned up his room right away. ”
-Chris Tall

Amazing facts

The stories about Chris Tall’s classmates and teachers, which he wrote at the age of 19, from his first solo program “Relocation at Risk” were not made up and all really happened that way. Only the names have been changed.


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