These are not good news! The current status report of the RKI reports an increase in the infection rate to 1%! This is the first time since mid-March that the infection rate is at such a high level!

Although there are many positive numbers to report, a negative one stands out! The declared goal of the RKI is to keep the infection rate below 1% – now this rate has risen again to 1% – for the first time since mid-March! The increased infection rate may be related to the Easter holidays, the numbers today reflect what happened 14 days ago. But, other numbers are developing positively.

The number of new infections fell to 1,018, and the number of those who died was also lower, at 110 people, than on the previous days. 114,500 people have now recovered! 87% of deaths and 19% of all cases are 70 years or older



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