Harry and Meghan have just arrived in California and the two are making a name for themselves again. Especially that

Queen shouldn’t be happy about this news! Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are now apparently taking the final blow against the English royal family.

Although Meghan and Harry have not been members of the British royal family for almost a month and have been living abroad for a long time, the negative headlines around the couple simply don’t stop. Even before the “Megxit” the relationship between the couple and the other members of the English royal family was tense. Allegedly, there were always disputes between Kate and Meghan. This is also the reason why the relationship between the princes is said to have deteriorated enormously recently. And from overseas, Harry and Meghan seem to be planning the next big blow to the royal family. Meghan and Harry are said to want to publish their biography later this year.

The royal family in particular should be concerned about what new details Meghan and Harry will make known to the public. Should

are they really planning a blow to the royal family? A source now reveals to the Daily Mail that Meghan and Harry are publishing a biography. Almost 400 pages are to describe how her life in the royal family really was. The two want to relentlessly go to court with the royal family and comment in detail on the mood behind the palace walls. The book is said to be commercially available on August 11th. So you can already look forward to the secrets that Meghan and Harry bring to light in their book.


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