US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says there is “tremendous evidence” showing that the Corona Virus comes from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. It is a laboratory in which the Chinese researched deadly corona strains of bats. He accuses the Beijing government of obscuring the source of the virus.

US President Donald Trump has already announced that he will look at the Chinese response and, he says, China-influenced WHO at the start of the corona pandemic. It is unclear which reactions are specifically being considered. There are several contradicting statements by the President. On the one hand, about withdrawing US WHO funds and also about reintroducing punitive tariffs against China.

It is alleged that China already knew about the human-to-human infection of the new corona virus in early December 2019, and that they introduced a strict foreclosure of the Wuhan region in China. Until the end of January, the WHO spoke of an animal-to-human transmission.

China is also said not to have warned the world community of trips to Wuhan, so international flights still went to the region even though the region was quarantined in China!

It is still unclear how the federal government is positioning itself on the question. Following a request from the Greens Margarete Bause, the federal government confirmed knowledge of contacts by Chinese diplomats with officials in federal ministries. It was his attempts at influence that the officials were supposed to make to publicly making positive statements about the coronavirus management of the People’s Republic of China.

A government statement seems advisable. Almost a quarter of a million people worldwide died of Covid-19 today.



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