You lie still, the deserted ocean liners on the lines of the quay walls.

Hardly any business has grown as much as that of cruises in recent years. 900,000 passengers ran into Hamburg last year alone, ten times as many as in 2008 and now the brutal crash caused by Corona.

The images of the Corona steamers, which were not allowed to moor anywhere and from which imprisoned passengers spread cries for help via the Internet, will not be easily driven out of the minds of future seafarers. And the situation is very similar with the airlines.

Although the basic necessity of air travel will sooner be there again than the camparitink on a sundeck in front of Capri, the global flight business will take a long time to return to the old passenger numbers. At least that's what the star investor Warren Buffet said in his speech to the Berkshire General Meeting when he founded the sale of his US airline shares. What to do with all the excess planes and cruise ships? Corona is rethinking the world and the extent of capital destruction is not yet in sight.



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